Marie speaks completly fluent english, and Jean-Jacques english and some german.

The « Logis de Chantegrolle » is located in Charente Limousine at Champagne-Mouton (16). The 18th century mansion is surounded by many outbuildings and a park of 2 ha of forest and 2 ha of meadows, an orchard, a kitchen garden and a mini-farm (goats, pigs, chickens and sheep and of course dogs and cats).

There are many opportunities for development and to support at least 4 to 5 people: market gardening, bed and breakfast, camping, recreation, cultural animation (associative coffee, « table d’hôtes », concerts, participatory camps, …)

Our project has several dimensions:

1) restoration of the home and the outbuildings using ecological materials and respecting heritage;
2) development of tourist accommodation with bed and breakfast, camping or tree houses;
3) development of the market gardening activity with a view to self-sufficiency and possibly sale on the markets;
4) development of a cultural project (leisure activities, concerts, shows, conferences, community cafe, …).

We are also open to projects that could fit into the place (integration projects, educational farm …).

The association « Choeur de Grolles » was created in May 2016 to carry out thse project. Its first event took place on August 15, 2016: musical meal and presentation of the association.

We have since organized other cultural events: musical or theatrical evenings and thematic evenings (soup evening with tasting of organic soups, soup tureen show, tales, contests); participatory projects on the theme of safeguarding the heritage with the use of traditional materials and finally a weekend art, gastronomy and crafts in the summer of 2017 in the park of the Logis (Festival Groll’Art).

In the long term, the association should evolve towards a SCIC or Foundation giving equal share in the decisions to each actor.

Our approach is not usual, perhaps utopian. Although officially the owners of the house, we consider ourselves rather as its guardians and caretakers. Our goal is to revive this place, to open it on the outside, whether it becomes a welcome space neither sectarian or dogmatic, allowing relaxation and personal development, « feet on the ground and head in the stars ».

Currently, we offer a very spacious guest room fully restored and a possibility of camping. Every cent of each euro is reinvested in the project. Eventually, there will be several guest rooms and private apartments including one for people with reduced mobility. They will be used to house project leaders or they can be used for permanent reception and group accommodation. Coming soon, an apartment should be ready to house a couple in a comfortable way.

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updated in june 2018